Discussion Bulletin : Number 110, November-December 2001

Table of Contents

About This Issue 2
Statements by Revolutionary Libertarian Socialist Groups at the Start of World War III 3
Against Crusade and Jihad! For Class Struggle!
    Leaflet by Some International Communists
Muslim Fundamentalism, Karl Carlile (Internet) 11
Islamic Capitalism, Karl Carlile (Internet) 13
Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder, Melmoth/Hayes 15
Revolutionary Traditions -- Council Communism (From Reconstruction #4) 20
Letter to Lenin, Arnold Petersen (from The De Leonist Society Bulletin, July 1984) 24
Letter, Alan Kerr 27
Exploring the Gotha Program, De Leonist Society of Canada 28
      Comment, Frank Girard 29
Letter, Martin Glaberman 30
      Comment, Frank Girard 30
Notes, Announcements, and Short Reviews 31