Discussion Bulletin : Number 111, January-February 2002

Table of Contents

About This Issue 1
The Peace & Justice Movement, from the New Unionist 3
What Happened to Teamsters & Turtles? Alexis Buss, from the Industrial Worker 5
What Are the Real Reasons for the War in Afghanistan, Diane Secor, from The People 8
The G20 Meeting, the Economic Crisis and the War, Internationalist Notes Leaflet 10
The Global Communist Programme, Global Communist Group 12
A Libertarian Manifesto for the 21st Century, Libertarian International Solidarity 15
The Essence of Socialism, Kephas Mulenga 24
Cutting Edge: Technology, Information, Capitalism, and Social Revolution,
Review by David C. Zink
Notes, Announcements, and Short Reviews 31