Discussion Bulletin : Number 112, March-April 2002

Table of Contents

About This Issue 2
After Genoa and New York, by Max Kolskegg 3
The Socialist Party's Anti-Marxist Friends in the Socialist Labor Party, from Socialist Studies 14
Letter, James Plant to Cyril E. May, Socialist Party of Great Britain (Ashbourne Court) 17
The SLP: A Reply, from Socialist Studies, No. 42 21
Letter, Jon Bekken 24
    Comment: Frank Girard 24
As to Premises, The De Leonist Society of Canada 25
    Comment: Frank Girard 25
We Don't Need No Education; We Don't Need No Thought Control, from Anarchy in Kansas #2 27
Feeling Like a Piece of Meat? by <noclass2002@hotmail.com>, from <www.mindfully.org> 30
Notes, Announcements, and Short Reviews 32